The allergy season is officially upon us.  35 million Americans suffer from various forms of allergies according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. 2014 is apparently going to be one of the worst seasons on record but that seems to be headline every year. Here are a few natural remedies you can try.

Try These Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

My seasonal allergies came back with a vengeance when I was in college.  I was miserable and over the counter or prescription allergy medication was not an option unless I wanted to spend my entire spring term in haze.  I grew up in a house where natural was usually used over conventional.  So I set out to find teas, local honey, and anything else I could find.  These two worked and still do every year when the seasons begin to change.

Bees become covered in pollen by going from flower to flower and the pollen on them is then transferred to the honey.  You want the honey to be raw and local.  Raw meaning it has not been heated, pasteurized, or processed in any way.  Local honey is preferred for treating allergies.  The likelihood of honey working for allergies is great because it will contain amounts of specific pollen from your area you might be allergic to helping you build immunity.  Adding honey to ginger tea to break up chest congestion and loosen phlegm.  Ginger also strengthens the immune system and acts as a natural antihistamine.  

Another option is Raw Apple Cider Vinegar.  Add a tablespoon of ACV to water before going outside to block the bodies histamine reaction and reducing inflammation.  You can take this mixture up to 3 times a day.  

I am a tea drinker so when allergy season hits I usually add in teas that are known to help relieve some of the symptoms.  I like chamomile it relieves hay fever symptoms and is calming.  Green Tea blocks histamine production and Peppermint tea relieves congestion when hot and soothes coughing when served cold. 

I have read that acupuncture works but traditional medical science can't explain why.  Acupuncture has been shown to be effective if you begin a month before allergy season.  I have not tried this but it might be worth trying. 

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