There is a big misconception among the public about the meaning of Non-GMO and USDA Organic Labels.  The Food Babe produced a great infographic breaking down the HUGE difference between the two. 

LINK: Superfood Smoothie Mix Organic and Raw

I prefer to always eat foods that are Non-GMO but remember the Non-GMO Project certification is referring primarily to the seed and not the farming techniques used to grow the product.  The "Non-GMO Project" label is better than no label, but ideally buy products with a USDA Organic Certification to avoid things like synthetic pesticides, Roundup, Hexane, growth-promoting antibiotics, and sewage sludge.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather keep all of those chemicals and other questionable substances out of my body.  You can read the full article at the Food Babe site in the link below. 

The Shocking Difference Between Organic and Non-GMO Labels

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